OWA collection: How does it work ?

Carton de collecte OWA


To enjoy all the advantages of the OWA collection service, just click on the link to create your online account.

Extranet collecte OWA

Create your OWA collection account

Go to our collection extranet: www.owa-collect.com

  1. Register directly on the site in the “Not yet a user?” section.
  2. Our collection service will validate your account within 24-48 hours and you will receive a confirmation email with:
  • Your account number
  • Your username and password
  • The terms and conditions


A three-stage procedure

1. Request delivery of empty cartons

It could not be simpler to request a delivery of empty cartons :

  1. Log on to the collection extranet using your user name and password: www.owa-collect.com;
  2. Go to the “Order cartons” section;
  3. Indicate the quantity of cartons required;
  4. Give your delivery details;
  5. Confirm your order. Your order will be delivered to you free of charge within 24 to 72 hours*.


2. Request pick-up of full cartons

Once your carton is full (15 to 20 cartridges, weighing 20 kg maximum), log in to your account at www.owa-collect.com to place your pick-up request.

For each pick-up request, you must print an identification label with a bar code. This can be downloaded after confirmation of your pick-up request, and will also be sent to you with details of the arrival of the carrier or collector.

  • For pick-ups, the label must always be taped onto each collection carton.
  • For full pallet pick-ups, affix a label to each carton and two labels to the pallet (large and small sides of the pallet). For further information on packaging pallets, go to www.owa-collect.com.

We engage a carrier, who will call at your address to pick up the cartons within 24 to 72 hours*.


3. Waste Tracking Certificate

Within a month of picking up your cartridges, OWA will provide you with a Waste Tracking Certificate. This document provides evidence of OWA’s commitment to collecting and recycling your used cartridges and contains all the information on the Waste Tracking Despatch Note.


Download the collection procedure (PDF)


Pick-up requirements

To protect cartridges during transportation, please place laser cartridges in their deflated airbags and inkjet cartridges in their packaging.

The cartons must:

  • Be 3/4 full.
  • Be securely closed.
  • Be identified by a pick-up label (which will have been sent to you by e-mail or can be downloaded via the online service when you request a pick-up).
  • Contain the used cartridges.
  • Not contain other waste items (bottles, batteries, etc).


Request a pick-up


*For deliveries and pick-ups in the Paris region, requests are dealt within 20 days maximum.