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Don't throw your cartridges away ever again ! Take them back to the shop and we'll take care of the rest ! We recycle the cartridges we collect 100%.


Although a burning issue internationally, recycling has not yet become a habit for everyone! The majority of empty ink and toner cartridges are thrown away with household waste, ending up in landfills or incineration plants. Other cartridges are sorted by users and placed in incorrect recycling bags or other containers. These are not sustainable solutions for our planet.


Recycle used ink cartridges: be an environmentally responsible citizen!

By using a cartridge collection and reclamation network, you are helping reduce landfill and preserving natural resources. Your regular participation in a cartridge collection scheme enables us to reduce our environmental impact and create a more sustainable society.


Why entrust your empty cartridges to ARMOR?

The goals of collection are simple: to recover the largest number of empty cartridges possible and reuse or recycle them so as to reduce the natural resources consumed, while recycling energy and raw materials. As a producer of remanufactured cartridges, ARMOR has expert knowledge of cartridges’ entire lifecycle and how to recycle or recondition them.

Choosing to dispose of your used cartridges at an ARMOR collection point ensures that they will be totally recycled: it may be that a cartridge can be reused after undergoing a rigorous process; otherwise, it will be 100% recycled by ARMOR for the raw materials and energy it contains.


ARMOR, your local store's collection partner

To recycle your cartridges, there is no need to go out of your way: we provide a large number of ARMOR-approved collection points where you can deposit your used cartridges – there will be one in a store near you.

ARMOR has installed dedicated cartridge collection cartons in most supermarkets and IT equipment/domestic appliance stores, in partnership with particular brands

Become a responsible cartridge user today :

  • A simple habit: Don't throw away your inkjet or laser cartridges.
  • Be an environmentally responsible citizen: Return your empty cartridges to a local collection point.


Did you know ?

Purchasing remanufactured products means reducing energy and raw materials usage!


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