Collection service

Even today, the vast majority of used printer cartridges are thrown in the bin, along with industrial or household waste. By having your cartridges collected, you are supporting sustainable development by promoting the recycling of waste materials.

The benefits of the collection programme are numerous :

  • Reducing disposal, incineration and landfill ;
  • Encouraging recycling and reusing waste ;
  • Helping protect the environment by participating in responsible management organized by an experienced operator.

As a remanufactured printing products vendor, ARMOR places collection at the centre of its production process. Without empty cartridges, it is impossible to supply new print consumables. Collection is therefore the spearhead of ARMOR’s work.


What can I do with my used cartridges ?

ARMOR offers you a global solution for collecting your used inkjet and toner cartridges, whether you are a distributor, a company or a private individual, effective throughout Europe*.

Service de collecte OWA

You are a business or a local authority ?

With OWA, you choose the eco-friendly process for collection of print cartridges, with a complete and unique material recovery process.

If you use more than 10 cartridges a year, you can benefit from customized collection and associated OWA services.


Find out about the OWA collection service

You are a consummer ?

Dispose of your used laser or inkjet cartridges in the collection bins provided.

You can use the pre-paid recycling bags provided with some inkjet packs.


Find out about the general-public collection service

You are a distributor ?

Do you wish to be an OWA collection agent and offer this service to your customers ?


Become a collection partner

The Materials Audit: a customized tool for your CSR reporting

Because our collection system is personalised, we are able to keep track of your cartridges at all stages and provide you with a Materials Audit.

You can view your Materials Audit online to show the cartridges sorted over a given period. This concrete and detailed evidence of your commitment tells you exactly what has become of your used cartridges.

The report is a ready-to-use tool which meets the performance evaluation criteria you need for your CSR reporting.

Find out about the Materials Audit

Do you want to maximize the beneficial effects of collection ?

Get together with other users of printing consumables!

This allows ARMOR to plan fewer and larger collections, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while providing you the benefit of onsite collect.

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* The collection programme is available in the following countries : Germany, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, France, Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden.