OWA Print Services : The printing solution for the SME

OWA Print Services (OPS) is a turnkey printing solution for companies. OPS identifies and reduces the printing budget, adapts to existing printers, whatever their brand, and frees companies from the constraints related to consumables management, maintenance, and administration of the printer and multifunction fleet.



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How OWA Print Services works

After installing a lightweight and secure software tool on the company's network, the OPS team takes over customer fleet management by shipping consumables just in time and initiating technical interventions to repair printers if necessary. All this is invoiced as a service, at the end of each quarter, for the entire fleet under contract .

Supervision continue

Continuous monitoring and maintenance

We install an application that gives you the supervision of your fleet, and advise you on its optimization and evolution.

Billing per printed page

Billing per page

You can access detailed reports on your consumption and receive only one invoice per quarter for your entire fleet.

autommatic provisionning

Automatic supply

We monitor the evolution of consumables and ensure timely delivery

A simple, economical and ecological solution

Accessible now on your printers and multifunction devices, the OPS solution is quick to set up and the contract is simple and scalable.

Our team will assist you in optimizing the management of your printer fleet and allow you to achieve immediate savings of 30% on average.

OWA Print Services minimizes the environmental impact of corporate printing, thanks to OWA's ecological benefits

Solution MPS simple


  • One invoice for your entire printer fleet
  • A single point of contact for its management
  • An accessible and efficient support service
Solution MPS économique

Cost reduction

  • Optimized total cost of ownership
  • Fixed prices over the duration of the contract
  • Competitive per page cost
Solution MPS sans contraintes

No constraints

  • Immediate access, without changing parks
  • Simple and unconstrained contract
  • Maintenance assured
Solution MPS écologique


  • Optimization of printer life
  • Integrated and free used cartridge collection service
  • Personalized Material Balance Sheet
Solution MPS efficace

Time saving

  • No orders to place
  • No consumables breakage
  • No stock to manage

OWA's strengths in the MPS market

Unlike Managed Print Services solutions offered by printer manufacturers, OWA Print Services is a new offer that does not require any hardware changes and allows companies to benefit from the advantages of MPS with all the advantages of the OWA brand.


We are a consumable manufacturer

Consumables represent 40% of the cost of a printed page. With our solution, we guarantee print quality, reliability and real savings with high capacity cartridges.


We are independent from manufacturers

OPS is a multi-brand, multi-technology program. We have no interest in selling new equipment, so no forced sales or oversized machines in relation to your needs.

We guarantee the ecological treatment of used consumables

OWA is an integrated collection service and a proven process thanks to the complete traceability of your cartridges, allowing us to provide you with a personalized Material Balance Sheet, concrete proof of your commitment.

Solution d'impression OWA

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*The OWA Print Services offer is intended for all SMEs with more than 10 printers and is offered by our network of reseller partners