Business Inkjet range

Cartouche Business Inkjet OWA

All the benefits of Inkjet technology adapted to professional use !

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A unique and economical multi-pack offer

Take advantage of this formats for:

  • Simplier and more efficient purchase 
  • Instant savings compared to original brand products
  • Even more profitability thanks to the high efficiency of OWA cartridges.

Example of savings for HP 970XL cartridge

In addition to the 42% savings on the purchase price of OWA cartridges, the user also benefits from a higher printing capacity. This result in a cost per page for the Business Inkjet OWA cartridges between €0.006 (B) and €0.009 (C/M/Y), which means a real saving of up to 50%!

Premium built-in services, designed for professionals

The OWA Business Inkjet range comes with built-in free services, unique and specially designed for professionals:

  • 3 years warranty
  • On-site maintenance within 24 hours to ensure troubleshooting or repair of the printer,
  • Free dedicated hotline, with a team of qualified technicians at your service,
  • Personalized collection of used cartridges,
  • Customized Material Balance Sheet for complete traceability.

Ink level management on BROTHER, CANON, and HP ranges

Our chip, which allows to save the ink level management, ensures a complete compatibility and an ease of use of Business Inkjet cartridges.

OWA cartridges therefore behave in the same way as the original brands.