Remanufactured cartridges are based on the principle of circular economy

OWA is the insurance of a reduction in your environmental footprint through a certified and guaranteed product lifecycle value-added process. A perfect example of circular economy.



Opting for the circular economy

With the OWA offer, enter into the heart of a new consumption model where no more waste is produced. Preserving natural resources and anticipating product recycling are two founding principles of the circular economy in which OWA operates.


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A range of eco-designed and remanufactured cartridges

Everything has been thought of responsibly, from eco-designed and recyclable packaging to the reuse of cartridges collected in the form of remanufactured cartridges or secondary raw materials.

  • More than 75% of the components of used cartridges are reused. The rest is recycled into secondary raw materials.

  • An environmental impact reduced by half for large capacity cartridges (compared to their standard equivalent).

  • An eco-designed, recyclable and reusable packaging, made from recycled and FSC-certified materials.


QUALICERT certification: OWA's commitment

At Armor, quality is involved at every level throughout the product's life cycle. Thus, the entire range of OWA laser cartridges is QualiCert certified (collection, sorting, recovery, remanufacturing and distribution). Armor is the only player on the market to receive this certification which is issued by SGS ICS, the global leader in certification, and accredited by COFRAC (the French accreditation body). QualiCert certifies that Armor fully upholds its quality and recovery commitments.


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OWA Score : an intuitive visual scale to measure the impact of the circular economy

Pending an official and institutional scoring system for print cartridges, Armor Office Printing has taken the lead by establishing a score inspired by the food industry. The OWA score is a logo that informs you, the consumer, of the environmental impact of the circular economy of printing consumables.


What does this information look like?

The OWA score is a 5-level scale combining letters and colours, placed on our packaging. The objective is to make the classification of our products more clear and understandable. The purpose of this rating is to help the consumer in his purchase and to give him relevant information to choose his cartridges according to their level of circularity. 



How is the OWA score calculated?

Our products earn points when they meet the following criteria:

  • Can the cartridge be reused?
  • When the cartridge is reconditioned, how many parts are replaced?
  • Is the cartridge collected by the manufacturer after use?
  • Does the manufacturer offer a cartridge recycling programme?
  • Is the packaging plastic-free?
  • Does the printer cartridge have an eco-label?

Our OWA laser cartridge ranges get an A+ rating. Our business inkjet range scores A+, with the rest of the range scoring A. Our photocopier products are rated A or B.


How does the OWA score help you when you are purchasing printer cartridges?

  • This score helps you choose between different printer cartridges of the same type.
  • Quickly identify the product that will have the least impact on the environment.
  • Compare the ecological impact of the same product from different brands