Remanufactured laser cartridges

Toners & Remanufactured Cartridges

Our laser cartridges are 100% remanufactured and guarantee a lower cost per page, the same print quality as with original consumables, as well as a smaller ecological footprint!



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Laser colour cartridges: real expertise

By maintaining full control over the whole of the complex manufacturing process ARMOR, the colour Laser cartridge specialist, is able to add to its development expertise:

  • Know-how tried and tested as a result of draconian specifications (selection of components - new OPC)
  • Testing on all components prior to final cartridge assembly
  • Continuous quality controls at each stage of the manufacturing process

Perfect product quality:

  • Well-managed quality that is recognised on the market
  • ISO/IEC 19798, NF environnement and Nordic Ecolabel
  • A selection of products certified to these standards

Thanks to its production capacity, ARMOR is in position to meet growing market demand.

Quality and environmental eco-labels: ARMOR proves its commitment !

Deeply committed to sustainable development, OWA is now the only brand that can boast two different eco-labels : Nordic Ecolabel, NF Environnement.

NF Environnement

NF Environnement

Voluntary certification issued by AFNOR which entails limiting the product’s impact on the environment throughout its life cycle. The product must also comply with environmental and usability criteria. Using “NF Environnement” products contributes to environmentally responsible consumer behaviour.

Nordic Ecolabel

Nordic Ecolabel

Laser cartridges bearing this eco-label generate less waste and consume less energy and fewer raw materials.

The eco-label also focuses on product quality through recycling process quality assurance, labelling, and customer information.