The Material Report: Concrete evidence of your commitment

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The OWA solution furnishes you with concrete proof of our commitment - and the commitment of your company. Our traceability system enables you to monitor the lifecycle of your used cartridges with absolute clarity. Real evidence of your company’s commitment to Sustainable Development.

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What is the Materials Audit ?

The Materials Audit is a document certifying all the data relating to the OWA collection and therefore establishes exactly what happens to the used cartridges collected from your company premises.

We are able to provide this information thanks to our customized collection service, which enables us to keep track of your cartridges throughout the process, from collection to the completion of recycling operations. This monitoring - computerized and customized for each company - is possible thanks to bar-coded labels affixed to the collection cartons, identifying the cartridge user.


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The Materials Audit ensures that the weight of the used laser cartridges we collect is equal to the weight of the cartridges processed. It also records how many cartridges are remanufactured and how many are dismantled, and describes exactly what secondary raw materials are reclaimed and reintroduced into the industrial circuit.


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Here is all the information provided in the Materials Audit :

  1. An analysis of the items collected from your company :

  • Quantity and weight of inkjet cartridges collected ;
  • Quantity and weight of laser cartridges collected ;
  • Distribution by brand of the laser cartridges collected.                                                  


  1. Data regarding the processing of the items collected from your company :

  • Distribution of reusable / non-reusable (laser) cartridges :
    • Quantity and weight of reusable laser cartridges ;          
    • Quantity and weight of non-reusable laser cartridges.                
  • Recycling/use made of the dismantled laser cartridges :
    • Net weight of the materials processed ;
    • Details of the materials processed (by weight and as a percentage of the dismantled total).


  1. An assessment of the reduced impact in terms of CO2 emissions : 

  • Reduced impact in terms of kg of CO2 when compared to a traditional energy-producing incineration process ;
  • Equivalent CO2 reduction in terms of km travelled by car.                          



All of these data can be used when making a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report.



An effective tool for a simple, practical and tailor-made CSR policy

The OWA solution contributes to reducing the environmental impact of your work. In so doing, it helps you achieve your CSR objectives. Because it presents data with clear indications of their environmental impact (in terms of waste production and climate change), the Materials Audit is a useful CSR tool for businesses.


You can use the Materials Audit to support your CSR reporting :

  • In the framework of current legislation: Article 255 of French Law Grenelle II, Decree 2012-577 of 24 April 2012, on companies’ obligations to be transparent about social and environmental matters ;
  • And/or application of the terms of reference relating to CSR and extra-financial reporting: UN Global Pact (principles 8 and 9), GRI4, OECD (principle 6).



The Materials Audit is therefore a ready-to-use tool that meets the environmental performance assessment criteria for CSR reporting.



How can you use your Materials Audit in a CSR report?

You can view your Materials Audit online to show the cartridges collected from your premises over a given period.

With your customized Materials Audit to hand, you have the precise facts and figures you need to include in your overall CSR report. This is how to use them:


Data for the “waste management” section of your CSR report

The OWA solution is a way of avoiding, recycling and eliminating waste. You can use :

  1. The number of remanufactured cartridges as a proportion of all cartridges purchased: helpful when calculating the percentage of your supplies deriving from recycled materials (GRI4-EN2).
  2. By comparing the volume of cartridges purchased by type (inkjet, laser, bottles) and the volume of cartridges collected by type, you can calculate your print cartridge collection rate and thus the effectiveness of your selective sorting system.
  3. The Materials Audit states the total weight of waste from the print cartridges sent to OWA and the use made of it (re-used / materials recycled / scrapped), helping you consolidate the total weight of waste by type and by treatment process (GRI4-EN23).


Data for the “climate change” section of your CSR report

The Materials Audit also provides an evaluation of the carbon footprint reduction resulting from the OWA recycling solution compared to traditional incineration solutions. A further plus factor where the reduction of your carbon footprint is concerned!


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