Pick-up requirements for your collection boxes

To protect the cartridges during transport and allow for the used cartridges to be recycled, collection boxes must be full, closed and taped shut (on top and bottom) before our collector or carrier arrives.


Protect used cartridges:

protéger les cartouches

  • To prevent breakage
  • To prevent ink spillage into the box
  • To make the work of the sorters easier


Only OWA and REVIALIS boxes will be picked up

reprise carton collecte


If you have begun your collection using your own box, simply transfer the contents into the box we deliver to you.




Make sure the collection boxes are properly filled  

remplir le carton de collecte

  • To optimise transport
  • To reduce CO2 emissions
  • To limit the weight of the box


A collection box is considered to be full when it contains 15 to 20 empty InkJet or laser cartridges, i.e. a maximum weight of 20 kg. Please do not overload it.


Your boxes/pallets available from a single location

un seul carton de collecte


Group together all items to be picked up in one location for transport




Carefully close and tape up the boxes + affix the label

bien fermer le carton de collecte

To make work easier for the transporters and logistics operators


Making a pick-up request