Why choose OWA?

OWA, a unique circular economy solution applied to printer cartridges

Adopting the OWA solution means realising the need to act and set an example.

OWA provides a remanufactured printer cartridges enhanced with numerous services which guarantee them proper treatment at the end of the life with less of an impact for the environment.

Used cartridges are collected and enjoy a genuine second life, either as remanufactured cartridges or useful new products made from recovering dismantled materials.

A new solution with positive repercussions.


Discover the advantages of our OWA compatible cartridges:

30% savings on average compared with original brands

OWA is a guaranteed way for businesses to make a 30% savings per year on average compared with using original manufacturer cartridges.

Remanufacturing a print cartridge is cheaper than making one from scratch. It requires less energy, and the raw materials are already there! Recycling and reconditioning are naturally more affordable solutions.



Guaranteed print quality, with tested, certified cartridges

Quality is at the heart of our organisation, which is certified according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, with inspection procedures throughout our products’ development and production cycle.

Our cartridges are designed and tested according to the same international standards as your printer’s branded cartridges.



An eco-friendly solution : reduce your environmental footprint

Everything has been designed responsibly, from the eco-designed and recyclable packaging, to the conversion of cartridges as remanufactured cartridges or secondary raw materials.

With OWA, you benefit from the lowest possible per-page costs while doing your bit for the environment.

Be part of the Circular Economy!


Integrated services: an all-in-one solution for professionals

Integrated services: an all-in-one solution for professionals

The OWA offer includes cartridges enriched with numerous services, to ensure that your professional printing is simple and worry-free. Collection, material assessment, guarantees, experts at your service... discover all the integrated services that are 100% free!