Our ribbons and cassettes for labellers and impact printers

Discover our printing solutions for labelling machines and impact printers. Armor, the European leader in printing, has developed a wide range of consumables for customised printing machines such as labelling machines and impact printers (needle, daisy, matrix).


Our printing solutions for impact printers, typewriters or needle printers


Impact printers are excellent printing solutions for many professionals. Indeed, they are still widely used in certain areas: shops, banks, administrations and transport companies.

This technology is very resistant thanks to its mechanical operation which is not affected by cold or humidity. Matrix printers are therefore very useful for professionals who need to print in harsh environments (warehouses, production areas).

We offer competitively priced consumables for many impact technologies: daisy-chain, drum, needle. Our compatible ink rolls and ribbons are high performance, reliable and resistant, offering an optimal printing guarantee for all professionals at economical prices.

In addition, we offer ink/corrector ribbons for your impact machines, allowing you to go back over your writing, which is practical in the event of a typo!


Quality laminated ribbon consumables for all your labelling and titling machines


Labellers and titlers are very useful printing equipment for any type of filing or archiving. Whether you are a professional or a private individual, labelling machines are always very useful. Our laminated tapes offer a wide range of uses and can be adapted to your labelling needs: sizes, colours, cost, installation and performance.

Compatible with most labelling machines (LabelTape, Dymo, Brother), our laminated tape cassettes are available in a variety of sizes from 3.5mm to 36mm in the colour of your choice.