The management of your Printers Fleet made easy with our Managed Print Service (MPS)

Benefits of OWA  Managed Print services MPS

Printing: a significant cost and a daily burden for your company

Even today, the majority of SMEs do not really know the cost of printing... which can represent up to 3% of total turnover. Many companies have no idea of their stock of printing cartridges or their value, despite very real budgetary risks (obsolescence, loss, overstock...).

Thus, just with the equipment (printers, consumables, paper) and maintenance, it may already seem complicated to have an accurate view of your printing expenses.


But if so many companies underestimate their printing expenses, it is because a large part of these expenses are "invisible": we talk about the "hidden costs of printing".

Among the costs that you may not yet have identified, are all the resources used internally, whether for administrative management (orders, invoice processing, supplier management, etc.) or the technical management of the printer fleet. Printing is a daily burden for IT teams, who spend a lot of time responding to the requests of the company's users.


In addition to these logical operating costs, there are other unnecessary cost factors that could be avoided: early replacement of a cartridge in a printer, inconvenience caused by consumables breakdowns, etc.…

While reducing printing costs is a major concern for companies, productivity gains and reducing environmental impact are also decisive issues.


Print outsourcing: a solution to reduce costs and free up teams

Print outsourcing services, also known as Managed Print Services (MPS), consist of outsourcing the management of the printing fleet and consumables.

The main advantage of an MPS solution is therefore to free the company from printing constraints thanks to a complete remote control of the printers fleet by the service provider. Management, optimization and maintenance are then carried out externally.

Thanks to the connectivity of the printing fleet and the data collection tools set up by the service provider, he can monitor the fleet in real time to ensure controlled consumption and efficient maintenance. The data collected makes it possible, for example, to schedule replenishments: for the company, inventory management and consumables shortages are no longer necessary. Once analyzed, they are lso useful in streamlining the printer base and saving money.



The other advantage of Managed Print Services is that it provides visibility over budget, usually through a cost per page billing system: the company only pays for the impressions made, according to a pre-established scale.

By entrusting the management of your printing to experts, you can easily answer your main problems:

  • Know precisely the printing expenses, in order to predict those to come;
  • Properly evaluate the fleet to make it evolve according to real needs;
  • Save time by simplifying management;
  • Ensure user satisfaction, by improving their working comfort.


MPS market: finally an alternative to printer manufacturers' offers

To have the benefits of Managed Print Services, it was necessary until then to go through a "manufacturer" offer and systematically buy a new machine, under the supplier's brand. Outside the parks of companies are varied, multi-brand. The MPS market is dominated by printer manufacturers, who use these offers to place equipment that is often oversized, and above all to block companies in binding, long-term contracts.

OWA has therefore chosen to offer a turnkey, simple and flexible printing outsourcing service to completely free SMEs from these constraints : OWA Print Services (OPS).

Si vous souhaitez savoir ce que les solutions MPS peuvent vous apporter, contactez-nous dès maintenant : our experts will answer all your questions!