Distributors: collect empty cartridges with ARMOR


ARMOR offers you a comprehensive solution for collecting used printer cartridges, available throughout Europe* :

  • You can  take part  in the OWA programme by placing and/or collecting OWA collection cartons on your customers’ premises.


The assurance of a committed professional

Collection is an integral part of ARMOR. We have an in-house department which is entirely dedicated to collecting end-of-life consumables. What is more, OWA collection calls upon the services of a company that employs people with disabilities in its logistics process, showing true societal commitment. We are committed to making the world better, from both an environmental and a human perspective!

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ARMOR is committed to helping all of its collection partners to recycle all empty cartridge components in an environmentally friendly way. We therefore guarantee each collection partner total control over the process: collection, remanufacturing, material/energy reclamation with the goal of strengthening a virtuous cycle which aims to reduce the use of raw materials.


Free services, accessible online


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Collection box made available within 24 to 72 hours

Free pick-up of your collection box within 24 to 72 hours





Arranging used cartridge collection with OWA

We understand that your time is precious, so the OWA programme for collecting empty cartridges has been designed to make things as quick and simple for you as possible.


Create your OWA collection account

Extranet collecte OWA

1- Sign up directly on our website www.owa-collect.com in the 'Not yet a user?' section
2- Our collection department will confirm the creation of your account within 24 to 48 hours by sending you a confirmation email containing:
• Your account number
• Your username and password
• The terms and conditions
3- Log in on the
www.owa-collect.com website and follow the steps online







Six steps of collection

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*The collection programme is available in the following countries: Germany, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, France, Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden.