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Our OWA remanufactured cartridges are compatible with label printers. These cartridges are designed to print colour or black and white labels for packaging or product traceability.
 This type of printer is a real alternative to thermal transfer for custom printing. It offers the advantage of colour and agility that thermal transfer does not. This makes it a flexible solution for logistic companies, thanks to print-on-demand, and the opportunity to optimise the production chain.


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Quality inks for labelling machines

3 years of research and development, as well as a mastered know-how, were necessary to develop the inks of the cartridges for label printers!


This type of cartridge requires not only an excellent quality ink, but also a complete, technical and very rigorous development to adapt the ink to labels printing possibilities. Our team has carried out numerous tests on different substrates and adjusted these ink formulas many times to obtain an optimal result.
The inks of our German-made cartridges guarantee a printing quality similar to the original brands.
The tests, adjustments, technical developments are carried out in Dortmund, Germany, where the R&D center and a state-of-the-art laboratory are located. And the ink production is located in Prudnik, Poland. Both sites are ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified.


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Reuse of ink cartridges for label printers

The OWA brand gives you access to an unique circular economy solution applied to ink cartridges. Label printer ink cartridges are made from reused empty cartridges and their packaging is eco-designed and optimised to save space during transport. In order to offer a second life and an end-of-life treatment of empty cartridges for label printers, just like the other printing cartridges, the consumer is invited to deposit the empty consumables in the collection terminals identical to those for ink cartridges.


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