Ribbons and cassettes for impact printers and typewriters

As a precursor in the manufacture and distribution of consumables compatible with the first typewriters and impact printers, Armor Print Solutions has been able to maintain and evolve its offer to accompany the continuity of services of printers for professional use and to meet the current needs of users. 


Ancestral expertise, a guarantee of quality and reliability

Whatever the model or technology of your printer (dot matrix, daisy chain, ball, drum...), Armor guarantees you a great autonomy of printing and quality printing. As one of the main manufacturers of compatible consumables, Armor Print Solutions supplies all types of professionals such as transport companies, points of sale but also certain banks and administrations; and has been accompanying them for many years with high-performance, reliable and robust consumables. Ideal for offices, cheque processing and printing on multi-copy paper, there is no better alternative to the original brands. 

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A solution for many applications, even today

Adapted to commercial, accounting, industrial or logistics applications, the Armor range of compatible consumables combines excellent print quality with very competitive prices. Today, a hundred or so references of ink ribbons and cassettes cover compatibility with the major brands of typewriters, matrix printers or point-of-sale terminals. Our ink ribbons (nylons but also patchable ribbons) and cassettes guarantee a quality similar to that of the manufacturers' brands: the assurance of quality at the best price! 



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