Refurbished printer ink bottles

Our range of OWA printer ink bottles is suitable for printers with ink tanks of all brands EPSON, HP, CANON... For these printers, the refill is done by pouring the bottled ink directly into the printer's tanks. Each colour has its own tank. There is no need to change the ink cartridges.


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OWA printer ink bottles: superior ink quality

We draw on the century-long expertise of ARMOR GROUP and in particular A2i, an ARMOR Print Solutions brand specialising in ink formulation. This range of printer ink bottles is designed in the laboratory in Dortmund (Germany) and manufactured in the ink production plant in Prudnik (Poland), both of which are certified to industrial quality standards (ISO 9001, 14001, ISO 22000) and comply with REACH regulations. Extremely rigorous tests are carried out to ensure that you receive the highest quality ink.

100 years of ink formulation experience

A wide range of ink bottles for tank printers

Printer Ink bottles are becoming increasingly popular in the market as they are more economical and environmentally friendly than traditional ink cartridges. Our extensive ink experience and R&D resources enable us to develop a wide range of high quality ink formulations that are more cost effective than those from the manufacturer.

"With our ability to develop complete, customised ranges, we want to offer all the best-selling bottled references from printer manufacturers, even the most niche ones, on request," comments Marie Plissonneau, Category Manager at ARMOR Print Solutions.

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Remanufactured Printer ink bottles

Reusable ink refills in an eco-responsible way

As well as ensuring the highest quality inks, we continue to innovate in the sustainable consumables market. For example, we have extended our empty cartridge collection system to include recyclable bottles of our new bulk ink range.

As part of our commitment to a truly circular economy approach, we invite our customers to drop off their used bottles at our collection points so that we can clean them and refill them with ink!

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