Integrated to the OWA offer : a free collection service for your company

Collecte OWA et recyclage toner


ARMOR collects used laser and inkjet cartridges from premises of customers who have opted for the OWA solution*.

When choosing an OWA cartridge, the buyer is also acquiring a guarantee that, when no longer needed, it will be collected, sorted, recycled or remanufactured, and reintroduced into the industrial system.


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A collection service that takes its commitments seriously: OWA is the first brand to recycle your printer cartridges 100%

Collection is simply the start of a new chapter - this is definitely not the end for your cartridge!

After collection, the used cartridges are sorted:

    • Those that can be used again are remanufactured ;
    • The others are completely dismantled to separate out the different materials (copper, toner, plastics of various kinds and so on): the remaining toner powder is sucked out, the parts that can be reused are stored and the raw materials are carefully sorted by category and type ;
    • These materials are then reused as secondary raw materials or made into new products, such as bobbins for our OWA 3D-printer filament.

OWA is committed: every cartridge will be reused in two ways, following a full and unique materials recycling process.


Customized collection for each user

Under the OWA programme, each collection carton is identified as belonging to the final user by a bar-coded label, ensuring total traceability during the entire cartridge-processing procedure. The computerized monitoring process enables us to establish customized data for the Materials Audit for each collection point !

Manage the lifecycle of your cartridges thanks to your custom collection procedure!


Managing your OWA collection service ? Nothing could be simpler !

We know your time is precious, so the OWA collection service has been designed to simplify the things you need to do and reduce them to a minimum: all our services are accessible online via a secure platform.

Register online and get your user name and password, then you will be able to log in to manage collections with no complications.

You will be able to manage all your personal data online, download the various OWA tools (such as communication posters, procedures and transport permits) and confirm your requests: OWA undertakes to provide collection cartons and pick them up when they are full.


See the collection process 


Overview of the various stages in the OWA collection process :

Les étapes de la collecte OWA




*You can enjoy custom collection and the associated OWA services if you use at least 10 cartridges per year. Otherwise, we recommend you club together with other users or dispose of your cartridges at official collection points (see here).

**The collection service is only available in Western Europe, in the following countries: Germany, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, France, Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden.